Get Italian Citizenship By Descent

Jure Sanguinis (or Jus Sanguinis) is Latin for “right of blood” and can be also synonymous with “by descent”. Many countries across the world have laws granting citizenship to people based on the fact that their forefathers were from or born in that country. The United States, for example, is a country that has legislation favoring Jure Santuinis. 

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Another such country is Italy. The Mediterranean country  has favorable laws regarding citizenship and considers those of Italian descent to be part of the “family”. Oftentimes, Italy allows those with Italian ancestors to claim Italian citizenship by descent (Jure Sanguinis). Following submission of various paperwork, a person is thereby granted Italian birthright citizenship. In turn, this newly minted Italian has all of the rights and privileges of those born in Italy and can obtain a European Union passport.

Possessing a European Union passport awards the bearer with visa-free travel and no residency restrictions in the 27 member states of the European Union. 

A fun fact: Before March 17, 1861, there were no citizens of Italy, considering that Italy was not a nation prior to that. For a jus sanguinis citizenship application to be submitted, the oldest Italian ancestor must have still been alive on or after that date. A child born to an Italian citizen is afforded all the rights and benefits of being an Italian citizen so long as the child was born before Aug. 15, 1992, and the parents did not naturalize as another country’s citizen before their birth.

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