Translations of Last Wills and Testaments

What is a last will and testament?

A will is an estate planning document that, among other things, explains and clarifies your wishes regarding your assets at the time of your death. The will contains all the important details about who should inherit your assets. For most people, creating these documents is not at the top of their to-do list, but it is extremely important, especially if there are multiple heirs or beneficiaries. Distributing property and other assets on a national level is stressful enough, but what about on an international level?

Estate planning preparation

The legal systems of different countries vary, especially with respect to inheritances. While in some countries, such as the U.S., the surviving spouse of a deceased person automatically receives the estate, in other countries this is not the case. Without a clear understanding of the laws of a foreign jurisdiction or a well-thought-out legal document explaining one's wishes for death, what should be a straightforward matter of inheritance and estate planning can turn into a nightmare. When the time comes, and foreign property or assets are involved, survivors are asked to provide a copy of the deceased's will. If a different language is spoken there than the one in which the will was originally written, you will need to have it translated and legalized so that it is recognized abroad.

Translation of wills and testamentary dispositions

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