Legal Aid Translations

In Canada, official bilingualism is the law, and the translation of legal documents into French is an important part of social life. But in Toronto, French is hardly the only non-English language that lawyers must translate. With more than two dozen languages spoken in significant numbers (more than 40,000) and another hundred languages represented in the Greater Toronto Area, the need for legal translation services in the world's most diverse city grows every year. Whether you need translation of an affidavit, a court report, or a legal document, Idiomatic Canada is ready to provide you with the translation service you need, when you need it.

Legal Aid Translation and Interpreting Services

As part of its efforts to be inclusive and guarantee everyone the right to access basic services, the Canadian government also provides free legal aid to those in need. One such service in Canada's most populous province is Legal Aid Ontario.

Legal Aid Ontario (LAO) is a publicly funded and publicly accountable non-profit corporation responsible for administering the legal aid program in the Canadian province of Ontario. Through a toll-free number and several in-person outreach sites, including court offices, public defenders, and community legal aid offices, the organisation provides more than one million assistance services to low-income Ontario residents each year.

Legal Aid Ontario provides legal assistance in immigration matters, in addition to other legal services. If you are financially able to do so and your request is valid, LAO can pay for it:

  • Represent you at a detention review where, if the government has detained you for immigration reasons, you challenge the government's reasons for your detention and advocate for your release.

  • Represent you at the Immigration Appeal Division, where, if you are a permanent resident, you can appeal certain immigration matters, such as deportation orders.

  • Completing an application to stay in Canada on humanitarian and compassionate grounds. LAO can help you petition Immigration to allow you to stay in Canada on these grounds, even if your refugee claim is denied.

Giving Back

Idiomatic Canada has a lot of experience working with Legal Aid Ontario and other provinces. We provide both translation and interpretation services at Legal Aid prices and have assisted dozens of immigration lawyers with language services for immigration applications to RCIC.

Are you an immigration lawyer or consultant looking for an experienced translation company that works at Legal Aid Ontario prices? Please contact Idiomatic Canada for a quote.